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Wait what you're here? Well, I might as well give you the details on the ACTUAL Bunni Universe then! (No spoilers for future projects though!)

Once upon a time there were a group of leprechauns jumping around colle..... wait that's not it!! There! Ahem! Planet Earth was teeming with activity. Fairly recently, The Bunni species had inhabited it, and it had already become one of their most prosperous worlds. The Bunni species was in our equivalent of a Golden Age, owning a vast empire of over 500 star systems within a small area of the galaxy. They were one of the most wealthy empires in the galaxy, often looked up to by some of the largest empires known! All until one day, when the Mammoth people of Alpha Centauri had had enough of "those self-centered jerkbags", or the Bunnis. War was declared and a bitter and costly war on both ends dragged on for many years, ending in a Bunni victory. Although they had won, they were now impoverished due to the expenses of the war. Disease rampaged through the empire, since there was no money left to stop its spread. This disease and rioting tore through all of the Bunni planets until all governments were overthrown. chaos now consumed the empire. slowly, nearby empires watched as the lights from the former Bunni Empire flickered out of existence. Finally, 30 years after the disease first struck, the final light flickered out on planet Earth. The Bunni people were no more. Or were they? Well, everyone believed that they all had died out. There are conspiracies, however, that a select few of these went insane and secluded themselves away from where the disease went rampant. After the species had "died" these began building their own lifestyle, and dying away. One of these simply referred to himself as "Bunni", after his former people. Bunni was a well respected individual during his species golden age. However, once the disease had killed all his family and friends, he lost all sense of integrity, and ran off into the forests of Earth, never to be seen again. While out there, he devoted himself to chemistry. Eventually, he created something, his species, even other alien cultures had been searching for for many millennia- The key to immortality. He is not invincible, however. Now that the Bunnis had disappeared, evolution could continue normally on Earth. within a few thousand years, a new sapient species arose from the ground - Humanity. Humanity spread like wildfire throughout their planet. Although a very hostile species by nature, humanity had many talents many species envied, such as artistic talent, architecture, and even warfare tactics. To their surprise, however, they noticed something delaying humanities advancement. In fact, humanity all at once stopped advancing and it seemed the species was attacking an army. Immediately there were threats of war declared among species throughout the galaxy, accusing others of awakening a beast no one could slay. when the galaxy seemed like it was about to erupt, the galaxy stopped dead in its tracks. A widespread signal was detected all throughout the galaxy, all coming from... Earth. Translated, here's what it read. "Dearest galactic companions. For the last 40 years, we have been battling a foe that has preventing us from reaching the galactic stage like yourselves. Although we haven't physically seen you or had any contact from you, we do know you are there. We are asking you for a new safe hold for our species, as a foe has chased us from our homeland. An individual has raised a massive army of drones, and he himself has a heavily shielded and guarded fortress, in an area we would call "Tibet". We are begging you to give us a safe hold where we can survive and prosper. Thank you for hearing us, and we hope we can be of assistance if needed." Quietly, every species in the galaxy discussed what should be done. Eventually, one species, the J'klorniks, gave up 3 of their planets to be inhabited by humanity. Many other species offered supplies and raw materials to be used in rebuilding their society. Humanity was now welcomed and embraced by their new companions. There was now a formed galactic army, made up of some of the largest armies in the galaxy. about 100 years after Humanity settled its new home-worlds, a haunting radio wave was received throughout the galaxy, with no warning. "Humanity can run, but it cannot escape my wrath! Now that I have broken the gravity of this dump, I will find you and all your petty allies and ruin them like I did to your ancestors!" In response to this, The Galactic Army sent its largest task force out to finish the job. They were utterly destroyed, leaving very few survivors. They did discover, however, what this thing was. It was a member of the long extincted Bunni species. While the governments around the Galaxy stood, attempting to come up with a logical reason as to why a Bunni was still living, yet alone trying to slaughter everything, Bunni continued his rampage, quickly developing FTL Drives and other technology. Since he would be classified as a psychopath, he completely disregarded any galactic truces, including the banishment of nuclear weaponry. Every drone and spacecraft bunni had control over had a miniature nuclear reactor operating inside of it, powering some of the most powerful weapons the galaxy had ever seen. Although all species considered this to be a very stressful time period, this did bring on one thing the galaxy had been waiting for since the Universe had started- Galactic Peace. All 1465 Species (And counting) had agreed to merge together as one massive, galaxy-wide empire. All of these aimed at destroying Bunni. Only a week had passed since Bunni had developed the fatter than light travel. What? you thought it meant FASTER than light? nope, its fatter than light, because that is how Bunni wanted to to be. He had already taken two star systems for himself, since he had needed a larger supply of metals to construct his army. On earth, he had already hollowed it down to a shell, and converted the crust of the planet into a massive chain of nuclear reactors, all used to power his factories and defense. The entire planet was now his base, and every detail was how bunni had wanted it to be. He had converted the moon into a massive death star with 5 nuclear reactors all powering a MASSIVE laser that could completely evaporate a gas giant the size of Saturn in a matter of seconds. With it, he could also hit a needle as far away as 10 light years. It was also going to be the main port for his massive army of drones and mechas. He was certainly going to win this fight, and no one could stop him from gaining his title of Galactic Overlord. If he got far enough, he might even take the neighboring Andromeda Galaxy, He had many millennia to decide whether he would though. He was going to end humanity, and all its protectors. That was a promise.....

And THAT! My child is the story of Bunni. The battle still rages on to this day, many thousands are killed each and every day, and every week, he takes a new system. Don't fret though, as this is taking place on the other side of the galaxy. You have to worry about your children and ensure they can defend against this.... MONSTER! I must bid my farewell now! (CRASH) What was that? Oh NO NO AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I burnt my hand! Ow that really hurt!

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