Bunnidawabbit, or most commonly known as “Bunni”, is the fictional character in which this universe is based off of. In his early years, Bunni was a wealthy chemist and investor, as well as a hobbyist for engineering. When the Bunni-Gherk’rr war began, it was just as impacting for Bunni as it was on every other Bunni citizen. Eventually, after the costly war was finished, disease rampaged through the empire, and colony after colony fell. Bunni, who had been on Earth for the last 40 years, picked up everything essential to survive, and ran off into the mountains of present-day Tibet. He was never to be seen again by his own people

Brainwashed by fear, he attempted to create something that could cure this outbreak, that way, he could at least have company. Unfortunately, he was too late, and eventually, he was the last Bunni in existence. His loneliness eventually came to him, and he began to go insane. He was able to develop the galaxies first method for invincibility within 10 years of him leaving society, and quickly began searching for the key to making Artificial Intelligence, so that he could have someone to communicate with. After his first 100 years alone, he began to notice something odd. A new ape-like species (Human) has been seen frequently walking near his home in packs. After scaring a large number of them away by murdering a few, the began to retaliate. Bunni realized something right then. This species was sapient, and they were spreading-fast.

Bunni had begun to fight back against the Humans, he had realized it was too late. Civilization had begun to arise, and it wasn’t going to be easy to rid the planet. He now decided to research weaponry and get his planet back. He was going to make his ancestors proud, and he was going to fix this planet as he wanted it to be!

Unfortunately, it hadn’t been going too well the first few hundred years or so, and the humans had been rather pushy. He went into hiding for a thousand years to remain discrete until he knew he could take the humans on. When the Humans began investing in space travel, he knew it was time. Firstly, he stole one of the humans nuclear weapons from the subnation known as the USSR, and reverse engineered it, then perfected it, and replicated it to create thousands more. Next, he created a teleporter to an alternate universe to get an army of bunny soldiers willing to fight for him. One by one, he began invading large human cities, starting with the American city of Philadelphia, and launching the nukes at the cities after the city was mostly destroyed. This tactic was working incredibly, until another alien alliance came and helped humanity evacuate the planet. He now had the planet, but the humans had done too much damage to get off so easy. Bunni began creating a FTL drive and went off to space. His AIs now numbered in the hundreds of thousands, and they were all programmed to mine the Earth hollow for more weapons to be created. The humans thought they were safe, but he was coming. And he was going to end them.